Hi, I'm Cody.

I make usable
(and responsive)

I increase the value of products

Onboarding Users

A rewarding onboarding experience allows the user to fully engage with the benefits of a product. A painful onboarding can stop a potential customer in their tracks.


Sign up, checkout, and many other tasks are all designed with a user and company goal in mind. Analytics and A/B tests show which designs produce the best conversion rates.

Results Focused

I'm focused on the results of my designs. Data from A/B tests show which design is more successful. Usability tests can highlight pain points for the user and shape the next iteration.

I design great experiences

UX & Interface Design

I design interfaces for the people who use them. I'm committed to giving the best experience possible from initial onboarding to daily use. My design decisions are based on best practices, test data, and striving for simplicity.

User Centric

Data Driven

Clean Interfaces

I write the code to pull it off

Web Development

I implement fluid interfaces to work on both desktop and mobile devices. I'm well-versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and working within frameworks and using libraries. At the moment I'm a big fan of ReactJS but I'm always keen to learn something new. Creating elegant & creative solutions with a team is something I love. I believe in good code hygiene, creating well-built systems, and collaborating to make the best product possible.

Front-end Focus

Well-built Systems


…and I've worked with great people along the way.

...Cody has always proven to be diligent, reliable and concerned with detail. I have also found that he manages his communication very well and responds promptly to inquiries and development requests. More importantly, Cody has been able to provide important technical feedback during the management of a development project that has helped myself and our team...
Brian Kushner

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